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If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating adrenaline experience altogether under one roof - then go for "The Glide Inn" offering Paragliding, Camping, Trekking to Waterfalls, Tree Top Adventure, Hiking etc. The Glide Inn" is the only approved paragliding site by Tourism Department in Shimla with experienced and licensed pilots to give best Paragliding experience to adventure enthusiasts.
PARAGLIDING IN SHIMLA is done by "The Glide Inn" a venture of Himalayan Exotica, a company engaged in the promotion of eco-friendly tourism and adventure sports in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The Glide Inn brings you adrenaline pumping Paragliding, amazing Tree-venture (a host of trees centric exciting & unique adventure activities), fascinating trekking trails & heritage walks and to top it all- a pleasant retreat of luxury cottages and camping intents in the midst of a glade. In short, an easily accessible and all-encompassing engagement hub for tourists attraction in Shimla like no other in the lap of a pristine valley.

About Paragliding In Shimla:

Shimla is termed Queen of Hills and may be a favourite place of many sapiens trying to find the likelihood to urge close to the hills and spot the natural beauty of the hills. Paragliding in Shimla brings to you the aerial read of Capitol Hill station and this can be why the actual and unconventional get pleasure from of Shimla paragliding is well value an endeavor when you are here. do this thrilling hobby and capture the veronica read of the metropolis from 4000 linear unit. above.

Note: The time and amount of the flight ar looking on real climate things but most of the paragliding expertise takes ten to fifteen minutes to realize the touchdown purpose.

Know Before You opt for Paragliding In Shimla

  1. Paragliding weight restriction is 25 kg-95kg.
  2. Photography and videography throughout the paragliding flight need to be paid extra.
  3. The flight time is reckoning on the climate scenario and would possibly vary from expected.
  4. Consumption of drugs and completely different intoxicants at an equivalent time as carrying out the paragliding is strictly prohibited. 
  5. The installation and commands will take in to half-hour. The flight time of the paragliding is a quarter-hour.
  6. Wear boots and thermal innerwear. Avoid sporting thick or multiple pairs of socks for higher blood circulation. 
  7. Meals or transfers are not lined inside the package.
  8. Prefer sporting tune pants instead of jeans.
  9. Do not currently engorge or drink ahead of the flight.
  10. Wear delicate and cushty clothes and sports activities shoes.
  11. The stripped-down age needed for paragliding is 15 12 months and also the most age is 65 years


  1. Take part during the most adventurous paragliding experience and its entrancing sceneries can take your breath away in Shimla.
  2. Experience the height of 4000 feet over the Queen of Hills and fulfil your bucket list
  3. Before you start paragliding, the instructor will give you thorough data, basic strategies, and safety precautions.
  4. You may rest assured that you are simply going to be given the best in class safety instrumentation and kit for your overall safety.

Quick info:

  • Activity Location: Seri Junga, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
  • Activity Timing: 11 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Activity Duration: 10-15 minutes (Depending on the wind)

Our Offerings



PARAGLIDING  in Shimla at “Junga” which is approximately 14 kms from Shimla, has proved to be the boon for the Paragliding enthusiasts. A team of professional technocrat are engaged to enhance the guest delight by giving a adrenaline experience of Paragliding. 



“CAMPING” at The Glide Inn in unique. Dome tent camping is an experience that is sure to create lasting memories. Camping is an experience that teaches us so much about nature, problem solving and how to have fun outside, for that a tent is economical and practical because of its portability and low environmental impact.



TREKKING : “to go on a long arduous journey, typically on foot”. There are beautiful treks and trails at Junga. One of the trek is to Waterfall and other to the mountain peak towards old Tara Devi Temple. Apart from these two popular treks, there are many other treks to Forest, Chail Century, Koti Stone Shiva temple.



FIXED TENT CAMPING in Alpine tents  : takes care of all basic needs, of your stay. The tent has double bed with quilts and blankets having hygienic common wash rooms. Staying in these tents itself is a lifetime experience. The chirping of birds wakes you up in the morning where you feel cool breeze and delicious food and experience of adventure activities.



TREE-VENTURE is an out of the box initiative of “The Glide Inn” on on tope of three adventure activities. Zip-line, Commando Net, Plank walk, Tyre walk, Rope walk, bamboo bridge etc. are part of 9 exciting activities and more are coming up soon.



WATERFALLS trek is of moderate nature which can be done by every person with moderate fitness. The trek of one and half hour one side is moderately arduous but the magnanimity of the waterfalls drench all your fatigue and sweat. This hidden waterfall is jewel in the crown of The Glide INN.



Luxury COTTAGES twelve in number are under construction and would be ready by April, 2022, fully equipped with modern amenities comfort and amenities. The cottages are designed with modern architecture related to the topography of the area for ages particularly for differently abled persons.



A musical BONFIRE  built in the open air, for warmth, entertainment, celebrations, and togetherness. Evening at 8 p.m., bonfire is lit for our beloved guests along with some light music and delicious snacks.



The Kings of Kyonthal Build a MARVEL OF ARCHITECTURE, the King’s Palace at Junga. The crafting on wood, pillars and its foundation, the size of the main gate etc makes it a unique and amazing possession of ruins of rich architecture and heritage.



Tour of Junga comprises of Old Fort, Bear Tree, New Fort, Junga Deity temple

Trek to FOREST

The cedar forest walk to the peak is mesmerising which takes you to Tara Devi Temple


We have three in-house restaurants offering different cuisines that you can choose from.

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Frequently asked questions
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The meeting points for the paragliders are at Junga which is located at an elevation of 1540m (5000f) approx., while the take-off location is at an elevation of 1900m (6200f) approx.

Paragliding in Shimla is open throughout the year except for the couple of months of Monsoons. However, the best time to paraglide in Shimla is in between March to May and between October to December. The late morning hours between 10am and noon gives the best suitable thermic conditions for a good paragliding flight, but the time varies from season to season.

The paragliding site at Junga near Shimla is a government (Himachal Pradesh) approved Tandem Paragliding Site. The site is approved for commercial Tandem Paragliding operations with government mandated safety protocols in place. Once you have decided to fly with your pilot, it is imperative that you listen to his/her instructions carefully and follow them through the process for your own (and your pilot’s) safety.

There are two types of Paragliding in Shimla activities: 

1. Paragliding: This activity costs INR 2850, including a 10-minute joyride and a panoramic view of Shimla. 

2. Paragliding with Photos & Videos: This package costs INR 3350, including a 10- to 12-minute joyride, an aerial view of Shimla, and photography and videography.

Paragliding requires a minimum age of 12 years, notably in Shimla. Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed to do Paragliding.

No, it is not recommended for Asthma patients to perform paragliding in Shimla.

Arrival, Check-in, Safety briefing can take approx. 30 mins. Transportation takes 30 mins. The actual flight is approx. 8-10 mins. Debriefing and transfer of video can take another 30 mins. All in all, the entire experience of Paragliding in Shimla can take upto 2 hours in suitable weather and wind conditions. However, there is lot to see and experience around in Junga than just Paragliding, like tree-walk adventure, camping, trek to the waterfall, a visit to the Junga palace, etc. With a restaurant on-site, we recommend that you plan to spend the day (and even the night :-)).

After you have landed to an appropriate location and unbuckled, your pilot will transfer your recorded video from your GoPro device to your smart phone. We prefer to carry your data transfer cable or a pen drive along which can help speed up the process. However, this is not necessary.

Step1: Select the option Paragliding in Shimla.

Step2: Now, select the date and time according to your preference.

Step3: Click on the Checkout option and pay for the same.

Note: If you are in a group, you can add more people while selecting the date and time. 

The Glide Inn Paragliding in Shimla at Junga

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