Mr. Jackson
Waterfalls December 7, 2022
The perennial Waterfalls trek is of two kilometres one way which takes around two hours to accomplish and can be done by every person with moderate fitness. The trek is moderately arduous but the magnanimity of the 100 feet high waterfall is likely to soak all your fatigue and sweat. This hidden waterfall is the jewel in the crown of TGI. Enroute is the cave path and little rock which gives an experience of rock climbing and rappelling as well.

Alongside the creek is the magnificent view criss crossing the stream. A natural rainbow at the waterfall makes it more exciting.
Rs. 500 Per Person, For 4 Hour

The trek is around 4 kms and takes around two to three hours.

The waterfall is around 100 feet high and perennial.

Children above 8 years can do it with ease.