Mr. Jackson
Trekking December 7, 2022
The Glide Inn, Junga, is emerging as an alternative tourist destination site for adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh in close proximity to Shimla, having an abundance of treks and trails. It is well known for its swaying green fields, apple orchards, with the dense cedar forest at its backdrop. Junga surprises vacationers with its treks and trails, heritage, splendour, charm, serenity and tranquillity. There are many beautiful treks and trails at Junga.

One of the trek is to Waterfall which takes around two to three hours and is best of all because of its beauty, zig zag ways and hidden existence and most popular. This is your chance to get closer to nature and an unforgettable trekking experience in landscape which you have never experienced earlier.
Rs. 500 Per Person, For 1 Hour

All treks start from The Glide Inn landing site.

The waterfall trek is a moderate trek which can be covered in two hours.

Sports shoes, shades (optional), water bottle, comfortable clothes, backpack and preferably a towel.

Trek to waterfalls – 2 hours, Trek to Old tara devi temple – 3 to 4 hours and Trek to take off point – 6-8 Hours.