Mr. Jackson
School Children Program December 8, 2022
Adventure Packages for Schools-Experiential Learning, Survival skills with Fun, Adventure, Team Building Games and other innovative engagements.

The Day/Night School Packages at The Glide Inn have been thoughtfully and painstakingly designed to recharge and rejuvenate boys and girls and build team spirit, leadership and survival skills in them under the expert supervision of professionals. Team TGI goes all out to make camping an unforgettable experience for them. These packages are powered by healthy, nutritious and sumptuous meals from the hygienic and well managed kitchen of TGI.
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Both Fixed and Dome tent campings are available. Fixed tents have double beds and dome tents have floor bedding.

It’s safe for both children and adults. Both fixed tents and Dome tents can be zipped.

Yes camping includes all three good sumptuous meals, morning and evening tea, bonfire and music.

The Camp is spread over 5 acres of flat land surrounded by mountains and forests. There is wilderness all around yet it is safe for everybody by virtue of precautions taken by the TGI management.

The camp has been in business for the last three years and has earned the distinction of one of the best in the state..