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Paragliding October 20, 2022

TGI has its own high end gliders and a team of seasoned and licenced pilots with exceptional skills. You will feel absolutely safe and enjoy every moment of flying with them. Paragliding at TGI is approved by the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh. All the necessary safety instructions are strictly adhered to while flying the passengers.

Soak in the unforgettable experience of soaring in the sky and having an aerial view of Shimla and its picturesque natural beauty and towering mountains and pine forests. TGI offers you a safe and absolutely joyous paragliding experience at 7000 feet and landing at 5000 feet.

Rs. 2850 Per Person, For 1 Hour to 8-10 Minutes on Air

Paragliding is safer than driving a car. The Glide Inn is an approved paragliding site by the Tourism Department, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, having experienced and licensed pilots. Each glider has a reserve parachute for extra safety measures.

The Glide Inn, Junga is approximately 18 Kms from The Mall Road, Shimla and is easily accessible from Kufri – 24 Kms, Mashobra – 29 Kms, Chail – 14 Kms.

All vehicles are parked at the paragliding landing site and from there The Glide Inn vehicle takes the flyer to take off site. Post flight landing is done again at the landing site where the vehicle is parked.

The average flight time is between seven to ten minutes, depending upon wind and weight. The total process time to accomplish the paragliding experiences takes around 50 minutes to an hour

The take off point is at approximately 7000 feet and landing at 5000 feet.

All roads from Shimla, Kandaghat and Chail are metalled. Last 200 metre upward stretch of the road is kacha which will be cemented soon. However all vehicles can come up to the Glide Inn landing point.

A child of 12 years can do paragliding but not below this age. The maximum weight limit for paragliding at the Glide Inn is 98 Kgs. There is no upper age bar for having this experience.

Comfortable two piece clothes are recommended along with sports shoes.

The entire flight is video recorded in GoPro and is transferred to the respective mobiles immediately on landing. The charges and extra and to be paid to the pilot.

There is a cafeteria wherein one can have veg and nonveg meals as well as snacks.

Those who suffer from anxieties, spine injury, asthma and blood pressure should avoid paragliding.

On command of the pilot, when asked to run, don’t sit, keep running before you are in the air. Before landing keep your legs straight. No foul language to be used while flying as the same is being recorded.

Except for the rainy season from 15th July to 15 th September, all the other weather months are good for flying.

The flight can be booked online from the website or QR code can be asked from the company. Once the payment is done, booking stands are confirmed.