Mr. Jackson
Fixed Tent Camping October 29, 2022

Dome tent camping is an experience that is sure to create lasting memories. One should experience it at atleast once in a lifetime. Camping is not only an experience but a learning that teaches us about our existence with least burden on nature, problem solving and how to have fun in the absence of luxuries.

The Glide Inn offers Fixed Tent camping in Alpine tents with double bed and Dome Tent camping with floor bedding, both on twin sharing basis at the landing site. Camping at TGI is an all encompassing package that includes bonfire, music, all meals, morning tea, evening tea and lots of fun and adventure.

Since tents don’t have a lot of room for daily activities, they are only used for sleeping. The rest of the time, you’ll be out and about. Staying in a tent may encourage you to be more active and participative in a variety of fun and camping activities during your trip. TGI’s serene and refreshing environs stimulate all your five senses. In short, The Glide Inn is all about breathing fresh air, kick starting adrenaline pumping adventure and experiential learning of a lifetime. It is one destination you will want to come back to again.

Rs. 1950 Per Person, For 24 Hour

Both Fixed and Dome tent campings are available. Fixed tents have double beds and dome tents have floor bedding.

It’s safe for both children and adults. Both fixed tents and Dome tents can be zipped.

Yes camping includes all three sumptuous and nutritious meals, morning and evening tea, bonfire and music.

Its between 8 pm to 9.45 pm

Quilts/blankets and extra sleeping bags if needed are provided.