Mr. Jackson
Dome Tent Camping October 29, 2022

The dome tent is a secure tent, in the shape of a dome. A zipper secures its entrance, so one can protect oneself from the harsh weather and also from the wild side of the jungle in case one is camping in the forest. The small size dome tents can accommodate two persons whereas the bigger size tents can accommodate four persons. With picturesque views of green hills, an evening bonfire at the campsite is a great way to end a day spent outdoors. The cool breeze rustling through the forest and gorgeous views of rolling meadows will make this a holiday you won’t forget! You’ll be accommodated in dome tents and comfortable mattresses, blankets/sleeping bags and pillows will be provided. You’ll have access to shared washrooms at the campsite.

  • Stay in dome tents that offer a scenic view of the campsite.
  • Spend the evening around a bonfire with light music.
  • Travel away from the city for a holiday in the periphery of Shimla at Junga @ The Glide Inn.
Rs. 1750 Per Person, For 24 Hour

Dome tent campings are of two types. One is twin sharing and the other is four sharing tent camping with floor bedding.

It’s safe for both children and adults. Dome tents can be zipped. Provided with blankets, pillows and if need be sleeping bags.

Yes camping includes all three sumptuous and nutritious meals, morning and evening tea, bonfire and music.